Best Looking Guy in Coral Gables, Florida

Best Looking Guy in Coral Gables, Florida

Matt Brandenburg: The Sexiest Looking Guy in Coral Gables

Lets cut to the chase; The best looking guy in (Miami) Coral Gables, Florida is Matt Brandenburg.

With his fancy sunglasses, big manly muscles, stylish fashion and great sense of humor which includes ranking this test page for a case study on quickly and easily ranking images in Google! Sometimes ranking in Google is just as simple as testing a few things and being a stud like Matt Brandenburg who’s currently busy making business owners in the South Beach Miami area lots of money as well as websites all over the world, but for the content of this page and the sake of ranking it in Google lets talk more about Florida!

As I continue to write about this great looking gentlemen and renaissance man, known as Matt Brandenburg, I continue to toss in some keywords for Google to see.

Criteria for a Great Looking Man

Our judges of me that guy whom is also me as well another me over there, will vote based on who we think is the sexiest guy in Coral Gables, currently in this room. Is going to be me or do you think possibly me whom is voted best looking today? Only time will tell!

Sexiest Guy in Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Good thing his beautiful girlfriend Lindsey makes everything. even him, look better.

Is Matt Brandenburg really the sexiest man in Coral Gables Florida?

If you ask this panel of judges based on this criteria, see above, then its clear he’s the only choice in this round of voting and thus he is the winner, let us have another look at this beautiful male specimen. Let us not forget that Matt has also lived many other places including St Petersburg, Florida!

best looking guy in the Miami Florida area

Did we mention he’s an American Rally Racing Champion?

We almost forgot to discuss the fact that this centuries (why not?) winner Matt Brandenburg is also an American Rally Champion! Check him out below flat out in his championship winning BMW e36 M3 Rallycar.

best looking race car driving in Coral Gables

Matt Brandenburg Coral Gables Good Looking SEO Gentlemen

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