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First off let me start by saying this is surely illegal, That being said it’s also very easy and very entertaining however we do not suggest that you use the information below to hack road signs yourself to post funny messages to drivers 😉

Most electronic road sign control pads are placed in a lockbox however most of the time these are not locked as they do not come with locks and officials generally just set them up and leave them without worrying about their security, Thank you.

1: Simply locate the door for the lockbox usually on the back of the electronic road sign display or the base of the display and open it up, You’ll find a keyboard attached (usually by a wire) to the system, Simply type the default password “DOTS” if this does not give you access to the system simply reset the password by holding “shift” and “control” while typing “DIPY” and it will reset the systems password to the default “DOTS”.
2: Now simply type the message you want the road sign to display and put the keyboard back in place and close the lockbox up, That’s it you’re done.
3: Sit back and watch drivers faces (from a safe distance of course) as they read that there are zombies and velociraptors ahead 🙂