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This past week when the one click mobile Safari based iPhone Jailbreak utility was launched it raised one major question, How did this website just modify my “secure” iPhones boot rom and install the Cydia app store in turn Jailbreaking my iPhone? Well today that question has been answered, A Major security flaw in iPhones mobile Safari web browser taking advantage of a major PDF exploit allows the website to gain a sort of root access to your system and execute scripts hidden within the now executed PDF file without your consent or knowledge. Apple is now aware of this exploit which if taken advantage of in a negative manor could give hackers access to your entire iPhone and complete control over it so we get both good and bad news out of this, The good: Apple is patching this exploit in iOS 4.1, The Bad: You’ll no longer to be able to Jailbreak your iPhone using this methods simplicity of one click Jailbreaking. If you’re concerned with this exploit and want to truly protect yourself from black hat hackers (the “bad” guys) just open up Cydia and search for “PDF Loading Warner” which will let you choose which PDF files to execute and which ones to block, Ironically you have to first Jailbreak your iPhone to be able to download the app that can save your iPhone from utter devastation.