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As a fan of RTS (Real Time Strategy) games as well as a fan of Blizzard I’ve been awaiting the release of Starcraft 2 since the very first time I played the original Starcraft in March 1998 and even though I’ve been hyping it up to myself for 12 years the wait was worth it and the hype was all real, and then some. I’ve been playing this game for about 5 days straight now and I absolutely love it. When you get started in Starcraft 2 it will ask you if you’d like to play the tutorial and unless you’re a total n00b at RTS’s I’d say don’t waste your time with any of the tutorials except maybe the HUD tutorial (the tutorial mode gives you an option to play a number of tutorials) I suggest starting out with the Campaign before jumping into multi-player online games to get to know the game and besides that the campaign is amazingly fun which I honestly didn’t expect but the story line is great and in between battles and missions you can run around a number of rooms on your ship and speak with the people of the ship and upgrade weapons and research races it’s very fun and keeps the game from feeling uber repetitive, There are many, many hours of gameplay in the tutorial, I’ve been playing for almost a week and I play hours each day and I’m still not finished with the campaign. The multi-playing playing is VERY challenging even when playing against the computer you’ve got to take some time to get to know how to start your build properly so that you can build fast enough to defend the opponents first attack and the online playing is insanely intense and very difficult as many of the players have been playing the beta for months and are very good at the game so it will take you a LOT of time to get competitive in online vs mode. Overall this game is absolutely amazing and I highly suggest every gamer out there give it a try I even believe this game will certainly convert a lot of console gamers into PC gamers as well.