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Windows Users Can Finally Make Their System Look And Feel Like Mac OS X :)

Windows Users Can Finally Make Their System Look And Feel Like Mac OS X :)

This software is perfect for those who just like to play with theming their Windows look or users who run multiple OS and prefer them to feel and look more uniform, Finally a nice Mac in Windows theming solution.

Snow Transformation Pack will change the appearance of your whole system, including the login screen, icons, wallpapers, sounds, dock, dialog boxes, and other UI elements.

You’ll need to disable User Account Control to install it, so you may have to run the installer twice, once to disable UAC and then again (after restarting) to install the package. On installing, you’ll get a few choices as to whether you want to install a few extra background apps that add extra graphics, which is nice if your computer isn’t necessarily a powerhouse (so you can turn them off to keep performance up).

Download Here

Automated TV Series Download Management Software [TORRENT DOWNLOAD UTILITY]

Automated TV Series Download Management Software [TORRENT DOWNLOAD UTILITY]

TED is software for Windows, Mac And Linux that makes downloading and managing your favorite TV shows as easy as it gets, This software automatically checks for new episodes and downloads them using torrents. For anyone like myself who using their computer to download movies and TV shows this software is most certainly worth checking out and best of all it’s free!

Download TED Here [Windows / Mac / Linux]

New Mac OS X Software MenuEverywhere Does Just What You’d Guess, It Puts A Menu Everywhere.

MenuEverywhere for Mac OS X puts a global menu of the selected application at the top left of the application window, Check out the video above for a better understanding.

I don’t believe this application to be for everyone but power users and users with large monitors certainly might find appreciation for MenuEverywhere.

Download MenuEverywhere Here For Free (With Nagware) or $7.00 [USD] For The Nagware Free Version.

Make Your Apple Magic Trackpad Work On Windows

Apple’s new Magic Trackpad is one of my favorite input devices, I’ve always been a fan of macbook pro’s trackpad with its multi touch gesture support but when apple released its new Magic Trackpad one major thing was missing, Windows support. Today Apple released BootCamp drivers for the Magic Trackpad for Windows which means if you extract the windows only driver install file from apple’s bootcamp package you can make the Magic Trackpad work on your Windows OS machine, Simply put download the EXE below and run it on your Windows PC and your Magic Trackpad will work with gesture support.

Download Apple’s Windows BootCamp drivers for the Magic Trackpad here.

If for any reason the above download does not work for you go here for a complete list of windows downloads for the Magic Trackpad.

iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1 Jailbreak Now Available… And Web Based!

iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1 Jailbreak Now Available… And Web Based!

PLEASE NOTE: This Jailbreak method is reported to work on iPad and iPhone 3G / 3GS 🙂 with iOS 3.2.1 / 4.0 / 4.0.1 🙂

Jailbreaking your iPhone 4 with any current version of iOS 4 is now as simple as going to a webpage in safari on the iPhone! Once jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone became legal on july 27th 2010 it was only a mater of time before something like this was release, Get ready and give it a try for yourself 🙂

1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and back it up using the latest version of iTunes.

2: Open up safari on your iPhone and goto

3: Slide the bar across the screen where it says Slide to Jailbreak.

4: Sit back and wait for your iPhone to be automatically jailbroken, It’s that easy!

Side Notes: The jailbreak download server has been flooded today for obvious reasons so give it a little time and try again if your jailbreak download or install fails, Also a few things to note it has been reported that some users are having an issue with FaceTime no longer working however mine appears to be fine it also needs to be noted that this can in fact brick your iphone (make it useless and no longer functioning) although this is very rare it has happened so proceed at your own risk!