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Why pay per click is being replaced by SEO

Why pay per click is being replaced by SEO

There are two basic options if you wish to improve your website’s traffic. You can either stick to Pay-Per-Click strategies, or you can also explore Search Engine Optimization. What makes these two different from each other? For instance, PPC is an advertisement program by Google, Yahoo, and other top search engines that enable your websites to be seen in the sponsored section for certain keywords.

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SEO, on the other hand, is the use of the current algorithm to your website’s favor. It allows websites to become visible to their niche. One of the things that make SEO a bit of a tricky online marketing strategy is the amount of time required in order to maximize its benefits. A lot of webmasters have the notion that SEO strategies can give them the best ranking fast. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in a highly competitive niche, it takes a lot of effort in order to get to where you want to be.

Why is it that pay-per-click is quickly being replaced by SEO? Here are some things that you need to know especially as a marketer planning to reach a specific audience.


One of the main reasons why marketers decide to ditch pay-per-click methods is because of their own budget. Not all businesses have the ability to pay a large amount of money on their marketing and advertising needs. A lot of them are operating on shoestring budgets. Therefore, they have no other choice but to focus on improving their ranking the organic way.

Algorithms want your website to please the audience

Algorithms today are designed to please readers. Following the SEO guidelines alone can give you the chance to get more customers in the process. For instance, when you have a good content marketing strategy, you can easily attract your audience not only to read but to even share the content you made.

Also, if you are going to make your website mobile friendly, it also caters to a lot of people today transitioning towards using their mobile devices.

And why should you please mobile users? It gives you the chance to keep your audience. According to online marketing experts, a lot of websites lose their visitors when their websites are not mobile friendly. This is the same reason why Google is now shifting towards a mobile first approach to ranking websites.

People prefer to click on organic rather than paid search results

Another reason why it is time to ditch pay per click strategy is because of the reason that you don’t really get as many clicks on paid search results in comparison to organic search results. In a study conducted on Google and Bing in 2011, over 1.4 billion searches were studied, and the results favor organic search results over paid search results. According to the study, 94% of the search engine users used organic search results while only 6% chose paid search results.

If you plan on ranking your website, it is a good idea that you turn to SEO rather than stick to paid search results. Investing highly on pay per click strategy is rather a short-sighted approach to generating traffic.