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Why You Need The Best Desk Of 2018

Why You Need The Best Desk Of 2018

A good office desk can make a big difference in how much you get done and how comfortable you are. When you use a desk that you like you have more energy to get work done and you are much more likely to get work done when you are using a good desk. The best desks of 2018 have plenty of storage and they have enough room for you to get a ton of work done when it is time to get busy.

Perfect Space

When you are looking for the best desk of 2018 you want to first think about how much room you are going to need and how big the space is that the desk is going into. It doesn’t make any sense getting a desk that isn’t going to fit the space so you want to make sure that the desk is going to fit into the designated space.

Measure The Space

Once you measure the space and write down the measurements, you can start thinking about the requirements you want in your desk. Think about how much storage you are going to need and you should also think about how much of a work surface you are going to want. You might want a long and narrow desk or maybe you want your desk to be wide and have built-in storage.


Make sure you take the time to shop for all the features you want because buying a desk is a big investment to office furniture and you want to make sure that you are going to be getting the best desk for your needs. A good desk is going to make it easier to stay organized and easier to get a lot of work done. A good desk is worth the investment and you can get more done with it.

Make Your Apple Magic Trackpad Work On Windows

Apple’s new Magic Trackpad is one of my favorite input devices, I’ve always been a fan of macbook pro’s trackpad with its multi touch gesture support but when apple released its new Magic Trackpad one major thing was missing, Windows support. Today Apple released BootCamp drivers for the Magic Trackpad for Windows which means if you extract the windows only driver install file from apple’s bootcamp package you can make the Magic Trackpad work on your Windows OS machine, Simply put download the EXE below and run it on your Windows PC and your Magic Trackpad will work with gesture support.

Download Apple’s Windows BootCamp drivers for the Magic Trackpad here.

If for any reason the above download does not work for you go here for a complete list of windows downloads for the Magic Trackpad.