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Hackintosh i7 Desktop Vs MacBook Pro i7 Benchmark Results

Hackintosh i7 Desktop Vs MacBook Pro i7 Benchmark Results

I recently built a 2.8GHZ i7 intel Hackintosh and I wanted to benchmark it versus my 2.66GHZ i7 MacBook Pro, Lets see what the results look like but first some basic information on the two machines.

System 1: “Hackintosh i7”
2.8GHz Intel i7-860
4GB Ram DDR3 1333MHz
Complete Specs and Build Guide And Parts List Here [TUTORIAL]

System 2: “MacBook Pro i7”
2.8GHz Intel i7-860
4GB Ram DDR3 1333MHz
Complete System Specs And Reviews Can Be Found Here [CNET]

GeekBench more info

Benchmark Results:

System 1: “Hackintosh i7”

System 2: “MacBook Pro i7”

XBench Benchmark Results:

System 1: “Hackintosh i7”

System 2: “MacBook Pro i7”

Free Mac Software That You Just Can’t Live Without!

Here’s a list of programs that all Mac OS users should be sure to check out in no certain order.

1: Jumpcut (Download)

Jumpcut is a clipboard assistant that keeps track of your past copy and pastes so that should you need them you simply click the Jumpcut icon in your mac menu bar or by using pre determined hot keys to cycle through past clipboard contents.

2: Middleclick (Download)

Middleclick is a very simple but very useful app that runs quietly in your menu bar that enables three finger clicking in web browsers for clicking links with 3 fingers to open the new window in a new tab or window without having to command click the link, Very simple and very useful.

3: Growl (Download)

Growl is an application that runs quietly in the background alerting you when you have a system change that you tell it to update you on, In example when you receive an email or a file finishes downloading Growl will simply show a small transparent window with the systems update or change listed which you can click to focus to the updated window, Growl is fully customizable as well.

4: Dropbox (Download)

While Dropbox is actually Mac and Windows software it definitely still makes the cut, Dropbox allows you to have a local folder that syncs its data with a remote drive on the internet, It’s basically free file hosting that shares its content between all of your computers free and is very easy to use, This is a must have for all systems.

5: Quicksilver (Download)

In my opinion Quicksilver is more of a power user utility as it has a lot of more technical uses and features but once you work your way around it it can make many of your daily tasks much quicker and easier, In example to send an email using quicksilver you can simply hit your pre designated Quicksilver application hot key then type the name of the person you wish to email then select Email and it would open your default mail application with your selected person’s email address in the to field. This is just one of a million or more functionality’s this software could have for you.

6: Leopard Docks (Download)

Leopard Docks is an easy to use Mac OS Dock customization program that allows you to customize the style of your Dock with pre made (or custom) Mac Docks.

7: VLC (Download)

VLC is a media player that will play literally any video format in amazing quality on your Mac or PC with every feature you could imagine, This is certainly a must have.

Hackintosh Fix How-To: Time Machine could not be configured. The built-in network interface could not be found

Run terminal (hit the apple key and space bar at the same time then type Terminal and select it from the list)

Then type the following:

sudo mv /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist.old

Then hit enter and if it asks for your password enter it.

Then reboot and voila!