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I’ve had a lot of people asking a lot of questions about Apple’s new iPad let me first start off by saying NO it is not an oversized iPod Touch and anyone who has used it for any period of time will agree with this, from a distance it certainly might appear as such but I can guarantee you this is not the case.

A lot of concerns were placed on the iPad’s processing power I had my own concerns with this as well but I can say without a doubt its processor is beyond sufficient for its configuration and the system is lightning fast no lag what so ever like you may have experienced on your iPhone 3G.

The iPad feels like its the perfect size and the onscreen keyboard fits nearly perfectly in your hand while holding the device and using both hands thumbs to type with, It doesn’t take long to catch on with a good amount of speed and accuracy.

The iPad’s battery life is amazing its every bit of Apple’s 10 hour video playback claims and I’ve personally used mine very consistently for 3 days and still had a little battery life to spare.

I’m not saying I’m expert in product reviews, I have seen better pages with Expert Product Reviews | Find Your Next Purchase, but is just what it looked to me on this particular model of iPad.


The iPad is perfect for content viewing such as reading emails and surfing the web and has some pretty amazing games that take great advantage of the iPad’s accelerometer making it a very fun interactive gaming device however the iPad is absolutely not designed for content creation of any type, for content creation I would most certainly go with the laptop of desktop of your choice and avoid the iPad.

iPad Pros:

Amazingly lightweight


Amazing battery life

Great for games based off the accelerometer

iPad Cons:

Flash will never be supported on this device by apple (although a hack is in the works)

No iPhone internet tethering allowed by Apple (although a hack is in the works)

Which iPad to Choose?

I personally went with the most basic 16GB WiFi version and heres why first off I will only be using it for email and surfing the internet around the house unless I’m traveling in which case it will easily hold 10 compressed HD movies and hundreds of songs (who needs more than this for even the longest flight?) and I saw no point in getting the 3G model and paying a $30 (USD) service charge for the internet on it because I can just tethering my phone to the iPad (against Apple’s TOS you simple Jailbreak your iPhone and install the MyWi app on it and it makes your iPhone a WiFi hotspot that your iPad can connect to in turn using its 3G connection) hopefully this helps some of you in making your iPad choice.