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It’s been a few weeks since I picked up my shiny new Apple Magic Trackpad a product that I had been dreaming about since my first MacBook pro that came with the Glass Multi-Touch Trackpad, As soon as I got my hands on the gesture enabled MacBook Pro Trackpad I knew it was only a matter of time before they released a version of it for our desktop PC’s and just two years later my dreams came true in theory the Apple Magic Trackpad is exactly what I wanted it was a larger version of the MacBook Pro Trackpad with clickable feedback legs and a nice angle for use on the desktop and of course it was built amazingly well as all Apple devices are in my opinion but as soon as I started using my new Apple toy I thought it was perfect, Exactly what I had been waiting for It had Jitouch compatibility out of the box adding a plethora of new functionality in gestures and its size was perfect not to mention it looked amazing sitting next to my shiny Apple Wireless Keyboard and it matched it perfectly as if the two were destined to sit side by side and they are however fast forward just 2 weeks and as I look down at my desk I realize something my shiny new Apple Magic Trackpad is now laying almost out of reach entirely underneath my 30 inch Apple Cinema Display and its been replaced by my beloved Logitech Performance Mouse MX at first I thought nothing of it as I had only put my old Logitech mouse in that position to do some gaming as I had always known that no mater how amazing the Magic Trackpad was it would never be able to stand up to a gaming mouse when it came to gaming so I replace the Logitech mouse with my new Apple Magic Trackpad and then something happened I realized after using it for about 2 hours that the reason I hadn’t switched back to the Magic Trackpad after gaming was because my Logitech mouse is comfortable enough to use for 24 hours straight on those long endless nights programming (and playing games in between of course) however the Apple Magic Trackpad starts to hurt your wrist just a little and it begins to generally annoy you just enough to make you go back to your old trusty mouse after a few hours of use and all of the super cool gestures and shortcuts in the world can’t make an uncomfortable device comfortable so this being said I feel that the Apple Magic Trackpad does have its place especially when it comes to graphics editing and short term use for browsing and such but it will never be a true mouse replacement especially not when compared to a mouse as amazingly responsive, customizable and comfortable as the Logitech Performance Mouse MX.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Apple Magic Trackpad is as perfect as a trackpad input device can be in my opinion and while it certainly has its place in the input device market it’s not for everyone and I believe that even the people it’s geared towards will find that even while they love their new Magic Trackpad most users will find themselves using their beloved mouse more than they do their new Magic Trackpad after a short period of time.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Speak up! 🙂

Logitech Performance Mouse MX [$99.99]
Apple Magic Trackpad [$69.00]
Apple Wireless Keyboard [$69.99]
Jitouch [$5.99]