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The entire search engine industry is estimated at $65 billion dollars. In 2015, there were already 100 billion monthly searches made on Google. That only means that the number of eyeballs on search engines is greater than ever. And if you are a digital marketer, the more that you should be paying attention to what search engines are doing. One of the things that may have caught your attention by now is SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Any marketer today needs to learn a thing or two about SEO in order to maximize its benefits. The concept of search engine optimization is to maximize the search engine algorithm to your website’s advantage. This allows your site to become visible to relevant searches.

Why use SEO?

Aside from the fact that it is a free method of increasing your traffic to your website, there are other interesting reasons why you should be using SEO. For instance, 8 out of 10 Google users don’t even bother reaching the second search result page. Sliding into the second or third search result page can already become detrimental to your site’s traffic.

And since 81% of people about to make a large purchase do some type of online research first, there is always a chance to convince your customers that you offer the right kind of product or service that they are looking for.

It is also possible to capture new customers and clients when you utilize the right kind of approach to SEO. With the right keyword strategy, it is possible to get acquainted with potential customers and clients. This targets not only those who are in front of their laptops but even those who are using their mobile devices.  If you are still not convinced, keep in mind that 57% of B2B marketers believe that SEO has provided more leads than using any other marketing initiative.

In addition to this, it also helps your content marketing have a direction. A lot of times, the current algorithm forces webmasters to make sure that their content is at par with the expectations of readers. These days, Google only ranks websites that produce high-quality content. And given this situation, it becomes more apparent how webmasters that want to rank their websites should take their content marketing seriously.

Content marketing is such an important part of SEO considering 47% of consumers usually read 3 to 5 content made by the company before even considering to talk to a sales representative.

How to improve your SEO ranking?

How should marketers approach the changing landscape of search engine algorithms? They have no other choice but to embrace the change and comply with the newest standards that were set by the biggest search engines. Today, it is important to have the right kind of content that is considered helpful to your readers in order to have a chance to appear on the top of the search result page.

Also, integrating social media marketing makes a huge difference in improving the social media signals of the website to have better overall ranking.

On a final note, there is nothing permanent when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, every business and marketer should be able to adapt to these changes to remain relevant and avoid a drop in their traffic.