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Install Flash (Well Frash) on Your iPhone 4 and iPad, Finally!

Let me start by saying sorry but this Flash method for your iPhone 4 and iPad only work on Jailbroken devices with that being said if you haven’t jailbroken your device yet it only takes about 60 seconds just Click Here.

To Install Frash (Flash for your iDevice) simply follow these directions:
1. Open Cydia > Manage > Sources
2. Edit source and add
3. Search Frash and install it.

I also think its important to note that Frash will not make ALL Flash content work, I’ve heard it only makes 30% of Flash content work but I have no data to back this up but even if that’s the case would you rather have 30% of Flash content work or no Flash at all?

Evolution Of The Smartphone, The Next Logical Step In Mobile Technology?

Prototypes like this Sony Ericsson stamped detachable multi-directional two piece smartphone by Yanko Designs is one of the reasons I love writing blogs and reviews, This design is fairly simplistic yet brilliant I’m certain that in the not too distant future a smartphone along this line will be designed (most likely by Nokia or Sony Ericsson as they have always been the first to try the riskier form technologies in the past see the Nokia Communicator Here, And before you ask yes of course I had one lol) I could see a device like this coming out with the Android OS in the next 5 years that’s probably just wishful thinking but lets hope not!

iPhone 4 Jailbreaking Revisited By Request, To Jailbreak Or Not To Jailbreak That Is The Question.

I’ve had a lot of people inquire as to the benefits of jailbreaking and if it’s for them so I did my best to gather the most asked questions and answer them as basically as possible so people can try to determine if jailbreaking is for them or not, I hope this video helps.

Bottom line: Jailbreaking isn’t for everyone and if you’re unsure of it’s benefits for you after watching this video then jailbreaking probably isn’t for you.

You Can Now Unlock Your iPhone 4 For Use On Any Supported Network You Like!

Now that it’s legal to Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone new software is quickly popping up to take advantage of and make it easy for your average iPhone user to be able to Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone and just 3 days the easiest possible Jailbreak method for the iPhone 3G / 3G(S) and yes even the iPhone 4 is now available by simply going to on your iPhone’s web browser and today the first easy Unlock method was released, Once your iPhone is jailbroken simple open up the Cydia app store and install “ultrasn0w” (that’s a zero not the letter o) and your phone will be ready for use on other cellular networks!

After you’ve Jailbroken your iPhone simply open Cydia then goto “manage” and click “Add Source” and add “” this will make it so that you can search for and download “ultrasn0w” in Cydia which will Unlock your iPhone 4 baseband 01.59 and 3G/3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04.

Jailbreaking Isn’t For Everyone, But Is It For You? The Pros And Cons Of Jailbreaking.

So First what is jailbreaking? The simple answer is that it’s enabling your phone to download and run apps that are not from Apple’s app store.

With Jailbreaking now being legal and very easily accomplished thank’s to which instantly jailbreaks even the latest iPhone 4 and it’s latest iOS 4.0.1 with one click of the mobile browser everyone is asking should I Jailbreak my iPhone? The answer is maybe, Jailbreaking won’t pose any major benefits to some users but other users will find that once they Jailbreak their iPhone they can’t live without it’s new unlocked potential.

Who should Jailbreak their iPhone? Power users who love to control every aspect of their devices and people who can find a specific advantage to doing so such as in my case I have the unlimited data plan but I also want tethering which isn’t offered with the unlimited data plan so by Jailbreaking my iPhone I can install MyWi from the Cydia app store and I can instantly share my unlimited data plan’s 3G connection over my phone as if it were a WiFi hotspot for free.

Who shouldn’t Jailbreak their iPhone? Anyone who doesn’t find a specific use for it and doesn’t care to customize their iPhone’s look and functionality has no need to Jailbreak their iPhone also knowing that installing and running some apps from Cydia (especially theming your phone) can cause it to run slower I’d suggest that if you don’t think you need to Jailbreak then don’t.

– Jailbreaking makes it so that you can customize the look and feel of the OS with custom graphics and functionality.
– You can install apps that Apple’s app store won’t allow such as adult content and custom theme’s and functions as well as apps that allow you to function outside of apple’s control such as MyWi which for example makes your iPhone a WiFi hotspot.
– In some cases the app’s you pay so much money for in Apple’s app store can be found free in the Jailbreak Cydia app store.
– A lot of power user apps can be found free in the Cydia app store.

– Customizing the look of your iPhone with custom themes can in some cases slow down your phones performance a little.
– Takes up storage space that some users who find no use for the Cydia store could otherwise use for music and other media. iPhone Jailbreak Utility Takes Advantage Of Major Security Flaw, Apple Patching In iOS 4.1

This past week when the one click mobile Safari based iPhone Jailbreak utility was launched it raised one major question, How did this website just modify my “secure” iPhones boot rom and install the Cydia app store in turn Jailbreaking my iPhone? Well today that question has been answered, A Major security flaw in iPhones mobile Safari web browser taking advantage of a major PDF exploit allows the website to gain a sort of root access to your system and execute scripts hidden within the now executed PDF file without your consent or knowledge. Apple is now aware of this exploit which if taken advantage of in a negative manor could give hackers access to your entire iPhone and complete control over it so we get both good and bad news out of this, The good: Apple is patching this exploit in iOS 4.1, The Bad: You’ll no longer to be able to Jailbreak your iPhone using this methods simplicity of one click Jailbreaking. If you’re concerned with this exploit and want to truly protect yourself from black hat hackers (the “bad” guys) just open up Cydia and search for “PDF Loading Warner” which will let you choose which PDF files to execute and which ones to block, Ironically you have to first Jailbreak your iPhone to be able to download the app that can save your iPhone from utter devastation.